Symi is one of the most beautiful Dodecanese island. It features varying landscapes. The mountainous terrain with high mountains leads to beautiful beaches, small coves and crystal clear waters.

The town of Symi distinguishes for its aristocratic appearance. The neoclassic mansions are built amphitheatrically around the harbor creating a picture that looks like a painting. It consists of two beautiful and charming settlements. Both settlements have been designated preserved. Yialos which is the island’s harbor and Ano Symi or Horio that unfolds at the top of the hill on which the Castle of the Knights stands.

Symi is an island of great beauties, stunning landscapes and villages worth seeing. Outside the town, Symi has 4 other settlements, Emporio, Marathounta, Pedi and Panormitis with the famous homonym Byzantine monastery. Each of these villages will charm you for different reasons.

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