Poseidon Excursions_Symi_Tours
Poseidon Excursions_Symi_Tours

Tour around the island

Excursions Symi

The traditional boat POSEIDON makes daily cruises around the island. It is a magnificent excursion and a unique experience, worth experiencing. You will have the chance to see unique landscapes and swim in crystal clear waters.

The boat leaves from the port and is directed to Fokospilia. It is the first stop of our trip. Inside the cave there is a hidden beach where you can swim and see the seals that live there.

Next stop is the beach of St. Basil. It is a secluded bay where we stay for one hour for swimming and sunbathing.

Combining mountain and sea

Excursions Symi

For those who love nature, exploring and walking, we suggest an alternative excursion that combines mountain climbing, descending to the sea and sailing…

If your physical condition allows it, the experience will be unforgettable. The tour takes place in May, June, September and October, when weather conditions are ideal for hiking.

This is an organized hiking trip. It starts from the port and is accompanied by a guide. The hiking lasts 2.5 hours and passes through mountain trails, which reveal the unique beauties of the mountainous Symi countryside. The hiking ends at Saint Aemilianus. It is a small island which is joined to the mainland through a narrow path. This is also the spot where POSEIDON awaits hikers. We offer lunch and back at the port  

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