Poseidon Excursions_Symi_Tours


When POSEIDON sails, in Symi’s hidden bays…

Welcome to Symi, the exclusive Dodecanese island, with the imposing neoclassical mansions, the rocky mountain sceneries and the beautiful beaches.

The whole island is a live attraction worth visiting, but the main aim of holidays is the sea. The beaches, sandy or pebble, cosmopolitan or isolated, with road or sea access, are the ones that will stay forever in your mind.

This is why we suggest you visiting some of the most beautiful beaches of Symi, through a daily cruise. Our traditional boat, POSEIDON, is making daily cruises from Yialos. Captain John is touring you around the island and its hidden beauties.

Captain John – POSEIDON’S owner – knows all the coves and sites and offers you the best tour, as he has been touring around the island for the last 20 years !

He is also a great chef, as he is taking care of the menu during the tour.

POSEIDON is making daily tours around the island. It departs from the port at 10:30 a.m and returns at 17:30 p.m. The boat has a capacity of 75 people 

Poseidon Excursions_Symi_Tours
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